How will my employees return to work?

The provincial government in Canada is finally beginning to talk about reopening the doors to the economy. Although we are still in the early stages, many employers are starting to make plans for reopening their own doors and considering how to do so safely. As you can imagine, this may not be such an easy endeavour as there are so many considerations to think about!

How will the employees respond to returning to work?  Will they be ready?  Will you be ready?  How will you ensure your employees’ health & safety in the workplace once things return to ‘normal’?

Employers Return to Work Toolkit

In an effort to support our clients with this important transition, we have developed a comprehensive Covid-19 Return to Work Toolkit & Guide for Employers which will outline the key considerations that employers will need to plan for in order to mitigate risk and return employees back to work in a safe, legal and effective manner.

Many businesses will be eager to resume a regular schedule and see their employees back in the workplace. However, if not executed carefully and considerately, employers may face unexpected challenges, barriers, backlash and even possible legal implications. Our Toolkit for Return to Work will include, but not limited to, the following topics for considerations:

  • Return to work planning – are you ready?
  • Workplace reconfiguration requirements
  • Occupational Health & Safety updates
  • Operations & Facilities planning
  • Signage and Supplies
  • Employee training, engagement & communication
  • Business Considerations & Opportunities
  • FAQ’s
  • Lessons Learned

In addition, this package will include:

  • 2 hours of personalized one-on-one HR consultation from our expert, who will provide strategic guidance to support the planning process and answer your questions along the way.
  • This will save your business hours of time in researching and understanding the legal landscape and other considerations around getting your employees safely back to work.

How to Request Your Employers Toolkit

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