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HR consultant Toronto near me

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Peak Performance HR Consultants Toronto

Since 2012 Peak Performance HR offers HR consulting service Toronto to start-up, small and mid-sized businesses that supports their HR programs and initiatives through cost-effective and flexible work arrangements that meets their ongoing needs. Peak Performance HR is a fractional HR Outsourcing Company that provides organizations with practical HR solutions that address all functions of HR, including: full cycle recruitment, employee on-boarding and off-boarding, strategic HR planning, Employment Standards Act (ESA) legislation and compliance, performance and talent management, policy development, leadership assessment and development, employee engagement and retention, workplace investigations, mediation, health and safety compliance and much more. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment and dedication to understanding our clients unique and specific requirements, and partnering with them to offer customized HR programs and initiatives that align with their current and future objectives.

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Human Resources Services

Human Resources Outsourced Services for Growing Businesses.

Policy Development

Design and Planning for Small Business. Working with your business to make sure that the HR essentials are in place, to ensure compliance with employment legislation and adhere to best practices.

Employee Relations

and Conflict Management Services. Helping your business navigate through complicated employee issues including progressive discipline, mediation, investigations and terminations.

Recruitment - Talent Sourcing & Acquisition

Sourcing and Selection – Talent Acquisition. Helping source quality candidates who are the right “fit” and will ultimately be valuable assets to your organization or company.

Talent Retention Strategies

Identify, develop & nurture leaders within your company. Develop and reward those aligned, innovative and capable of meeting the challenges ahead.

Performance Management

Helping link your companies goals and strategies to the individual and team performance to help increase your companies effectiveness & profitability.

Change Management

Helping your company manage employee issues during organizational restructuring. Assisting the transitions of organizations for profitability.

Legislative Compliance

Helping your company adhere to the ESA, OHSA and other standards acts are an important legal requirement.

Restructuring & Terminations

Providing guidance and coaching to management to support them through the difficult process of terminating employees and ensuring that all the necessary steps and documentation is thoroughly completed.

Organizational Effectiveness

Assessing the business’ organizational structure and recommending HR solutions which support the business strategy through the effective utilization of people and processes.

From Recruitment to Retirement.

We Focus On Your HR Solutions, So You Can Focus On Your Business.

HR Outsourcing Companies Toronto

Effective, affordable and flexible HR consulting Toronto solutions to help companies achieve competitive advantage through an engaged and motivated workforce. Our strength is the successful delivery of human resource management company consulting services that are professional, efficient and transparent.

  • Businesses that do not have an established HR presence
  • Companies with an established HR department, who need additional Human Resources support during ‘peak’ times.


A true partnership that openly exchanges ideas and solutions. Peak Performance HR is dedicated to building lasting relationships and achieving great success as our clients’ HR Business Partner. We continually strive to provide the best fractional HR outsourcing services on an affordable and flexible basis. We serve clients across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as well as throughout Canada, the United States (U.S.) and Globally. Our team of professional strategic HR consultants, Recruitment Specialists and Compensation Experts provide top notch expertise to small and mid-sized businesses that are adaptable and customizable to achieve both the current and long term organizational objectives.

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