A performance appraisal (or performance review)

is an opportunity for individual employees and managers to engage in a dialogue about performance and development, and to discuss what support, if any, is required from the company.

Performance Management is a system and process that link the organization’s goals and strategies to individual and team performance, to increase organizational effectiveness (and, thus, profitability). It is a joint process that involves both managers and their direct reports who identify common goals and objectives which correlate to the higher goals of the organization. The result of this process is the establishment of written performance expectations (a Performance Agreement), which is later used as measures for feedback and performance appraisals/reviews.

Performance Management is the best route to learn and understand what should be happening at all levels in an organization, and then measuring whether it is happening as intended. Where there is a gap between these two, a performance management system will help identify the causes and help implement corrective actions.

There is a misconception that the performance management is time consuming and arduous, however, that it is not necessarily so. There is no reason why this process needs to be overly complicated or difficult and Peak Performance HR will work with you to develop a program that meets your company’s needs (and keeps things simple).

Many employers don’t realize that many employees value the feedback they receive from their managers. They appreciate this opportunity to understand how they can grow and develop in their roles, which translates into more productive and committed employees.

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