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Human Resources Services

Human Resources Outsourced Services for Growing Businesses.

Policy Development

Design and Planning for Small Business. Working with your business to make sure that the HR essentials are in place, to ensure compliance with employment legislation and adhere to best practices.

Employee Relations

and Conflict Management Services. Helping your business navigate through complicated employee issues including progressive discipline, mediation, investigations and terminations.

Recruitment - Acquisition

Sourcing and Selection – Talent Acquisition. Helping source quality candidates who are the right “fit” and will ultimately be valuable assets to your organization or company.

Talent Retention Strategies

Identify, develop & nurture leaders within your company. Develop and reward those aligned, innovative and capable of meeting the challenges ahead.

Performance Management

Helping link your companies goals and strategies to the individual and team performance to help increase your companies effectiveness & profitability.

Change Management

Helping your company manage employee issues during organizational restructuring. Assisting the transitions of organizations for profitability.

Legislative Compliance

Helping your company adhere to the ESA, OHSA and other standards acts are an important legal requirement. PPHR helps you be aware.

Restructuring & Terminations

Helping employees affected by company restructuring develop the skills needed to transition into a new career.

Organizational Effectiveness

Helping your company establish programs to propel your business towards future growth and success.

HR Consulting Toronto Outsourcing Firm

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Peak Performance Human Resources offers HR consulting services in Toronto to start-up and small businesses to support their HR programs and initiatives through a cost effective and flexible work arrangement that meets their ongoing needs.
Peak Performance HR Outsource HR consultant company Toronto

HR Essentials & Administration:

Peak Performance Human Resources will work with your Business Leaders to ensure that the HR essentials are in place, to ensure compliance with employment legislation and follow best practices. This may include policy development, employee handbooks, job descriptions, standardized employment agreements, essential health and safety programs, and performance appraisals.

Reduce the likelihood of legal liability and save unnecessary costs by ensuring that your organization is meeting the minimum standards.

HR Planning & Organizational Effectiveness:

Peak Performance Human Resources will work with you to establish programs that will propel your business towards future growth and success. This includes talent acquisition (recruitment) and retention strategies, performance management, career and leadership development, succession planning, onboarding, and training.

There are many potential benefits to implementing these programs including building employee engagement and commitment, building a talent pipeline, and knowledge retention.

Restructuring and Change Management:

Changing business needs may lead an organization to consider restructuring. Reorganizing a business to improve profitability gives rise to a range of employee issues. A successful restructuring initiative involves not only the creation of a sound change strategy, but the effective implementation of that strategy.

Peak Performance Human Resources will align with your organization to assist with the transition and change management associated with restructuring.

Conflict Management:

As the need arises, Peak Performance Human Resources will help your business navigate through complicated employee issues including progressive discipline, mediation, investigation and termination.


Peak Performance Human Resources can provide career transition services to employees affected by restructuring by offering career guidance and coaching, resume writing and interview preparation, developing networks, job search skills and resources, and techniques for targeting the job market.

This program demonstrates that the company is trying to minimize the impact of the employees’ job loss by providing professional assistance to expedite the job search process.