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Business owners are often overwhelmed when it comes to hiring new employees. Whether you have one, two, ten or twenty positions to fill, you will still have the daunting responsibility of sourcing quality candidates who are the right “fit” and will ultimately be valuable assets to your organization. The recruitment process is often lengthy and time consuming, and includes such things as drafting accurate (and enticing) job descriptions, playing an active role in social media, posting jobs online, screening through resumes, pre-qualifying, scheduling, interviewing, conducting reference checks and more.

As a business owner, you likely don’t have much spare time, but may not be ready to hire a full time HR Manager just yet. So what are your options? Peak Performance HR has been designed and structured to help for this exact purpose.

One of the many benefits of engaging one of our Recruiters is the money you will save. With traditional employment agencies and headhunters, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on hiring for a single position. Whereas, our Recruiters handle all of your hiring needs at the same time. And our Recruiters are available to work either on-site or off-site (depending on your own preferences and space limitations) and easily accessible. If you have questions, comments or new information to disclose, the communication will be quick and efficient. This ultimately will translate into a more seamless and positive experience for you, for your hiring managers, as well as candidates who are applying to your organization.

Our Recruiters can also develop and manage your recruitment process, suggest best practices and new strategies to source qualified candidates. We develop an intimate knowledge of your company’s culture, vision and purpose, and can therefore make hiring decisions accordingly.

The best part is, we understand that your recruitment requirements fluctuate throughout the year, so we are available to support you when you need our help (but not when you don’t). This makes our service model the most cost effective and time efficient option available.

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Peak Performance Human Resources offers HR consulting services in Toronto to start-up and small businesses to support their HR programs and initiatives through a cost effective and flexible work arrangement that meets their ongoing needs.
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