What Employers Need to Know About Mandatory Vaccine Policies & Proof of Vaccinations

As of September 22, 2021, all Ontarians are required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination as well as identification in order to access many local venues and indoor spaces. This new requirement has been controversial as some people argue that this is an infringement and violation of their human rights. The Ontario […]

Types of HR strategies

Types of HR Strategies

HR strategies are fundamentals of HR, whether in small or large organizations. There were days when HR only used to recruit employees, but now HR has broadened its scope towards every department in an organization. This article will educate you with everything you need to know about HR and the types of strategies. What is […]

How do HR consultants improve human resource functions

How do HR consultants improve human resource functions

Human resource consultants are highly professional and specialized persons. Outsourcing HR activities enables the company to save time and cost. Since HR consultants have vast experience in the administration of HR-related activities and recruitment, these benefits are ultimately transferred to the organizations that outsource their HR functions. These consultants have the talent to improve and […]

9 Different Types of HR Policies

Types of HR Policies

For any organization, employees are a valuable asset and a key to success; therefore, they must be managed properly. Having proper HR policies in place will not only ensure that the needs of every employee are being met but also help in your business’ success by increasing employee satisfaction. As the world is changing at […]

Why is HR(Human Resource) Important in an Organization?

Why is HR Important in an Organization

One of the biggest strengths of any organization or institution is its employees. Developing a dedicated workforce is essential for the overall development of the firm. Since the employees are the organization’s biggest strength, the basic needs from leave to pay hikes are needed to be addressed seamlessly.  Why is Human Resource Management Important? Modern-day […]

How Do You Manage Conflict Between Employees?

how do you manage conflict between employees

Employees are the biggest strength of any organization. The management spends time and money on the well-being of its employees. Regular work and stress might cause a small stifle among employees. It is the man-management capacity of the HR team that can ensure that the stifle does not change into a quarrel. What Causes Conflict […]